Random Thoughts And Other Things I Think About

Sometimes things just pop into your world of things you think about. They can come from any direction, for any reason. Things that trigger memories are sometimes subtle, it could be a photo or something you do. Other times they are overt, they jump right out when someone or something reminds you of something.

Here is one, just heard Sam Cooke singing “Fly Me To The Moon”, my instant vision was of Tommy Lee Jones in Space Cowboys. If you have seen the movie you know what scene I am talking about.

Another thing, does Asparagus trigger any memories for you? Well, it sure does for me. I was preparing this recipe and I remembered a time when an acquaintance of mine took me to gather asparagus from a vineyard in the Fresno California area. It really wasn’t a big deal but then I thought of John and the turkey he was going to have for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a live turkey that he intended to remove from the planet to serve his family on Thanksgiving day. To his chagrin, the damned bird became attached to him and likewise he became attached to the bird so much so that when Thanksgiving rolled around, the bird was still around. A frozen turkey from somewhere around Turlock was the birds replacement.

In June 1961 the song “Things” by Bobby Darin was recorded and released in 1962. I just heard it and it reminded me that “things just show up sometimes.

So songs and artists can bring up memories, Lionel Ritchie songs remind me of Wayne Holder a guy I worked with that had just separated from his wife and whenever Still came on the radio it damned near killed him.

What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong just brings up pictures of the destruction of a village in my mind as depicted in Good Morning Vietnam.

A little while ago, while it wasn’t raining (like it is now), I was outside moving some flower pots under the benches on our deck and when I stopped to catch a breather a bully of a hummingbird flew up to me and started chittering like he was thinking that I was invading his space and I needed to go away. It made me think of the movie “The Birds” and erased the memory of a “Wonderful World”.

Funny how things just pop up.

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