It’s A Diet Thing

OK, here’s the deal.  We live (Nancy and I) in unincorporated Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland.  Because of the curvature of the Earth, the shortest distance between Beaverton and Portland (7 miles) is actually the “great circle” distance, or “as the crow flies” which is calculated using an iterative Vincenty formula. Of course, we can’t fly like the crows so we hopped in our car and drove to our daughters place (in road miles it’s 14).  I bring this up because while we do go visit our daughter, we seldom venture deep into Portland, until yesterday.

  Yesterday we, and by we I mean myself, my wife (Nancy) and my daughter (Cami Kaos) did something we don’t normally do and some things we do once in awhile.  First, we went to lunch, we normally will do that on occasion. After a nice lunch at Jade, I had a very good Won Ton soup and a sesame ball, we traversed to our first stop.

This is Bob.

  No not me, that is Bob Moore, the founder of Bob’s Red Mill.  We went there because Nancy (you remember her, I mentioned her above)  has to eliminate  gluten from her diet and Bob’s Red Mill is the shopping omphalos for gluten free products in Portland.  $51.00 later we were out the door with no gluten and a pizza stone(?).

 Our next adventure takes us to a nice little Italian deli in North East Portland, Providore Fine Foods.  I blame Stanley Tucci for this trip because one of the episodes of Stanley Tucci: searching for Italy had me looking for a place to get some authentic mortadella.  A short Google search later, voilà, Providore.

 On a side note I told Cami Kaos (that you will remember is my daughter and no, she did not marry someone with that last name) about Providore and she mentioned it to Rick (maybe someday I can tell you about him).  Rick knew of the place and from what I gather he kept it a secret for he knew what a trip there would lead to ($120 out the door for Ms. Kaos).

We almost equaled that amount but escaped with only $119 missing from our checking. We bought about 6 different kinds of cheese, 3 different kinds of salami, a $20.00 shopping bag (proceeds went to charity) some breakfast sausage and oh yeah, some mortadella.

 I digress for a moment in this story to explain that I am really not used to spending the amount of time that has elapsed in a driving position so as we are leaving Providore my hopes of heading home are dashed because we now have to go to New Seasons to buy a gluten free baguette an avocado and a tomato..  So I ignore the pain in my left shoulder and many other parts of my body for one more stop.  $92.00 later we exit with gluten free soup, wafers and God knows what else.

There was some talk about more adventures to markets like Providore in the future.  I hope I have the strength in my fingers to report them when they happen.

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