28 Days

Tomorrow I begin my next adventure in my fight against cancer. My first journey began in the summer of 2015. While using the facilities at a local golf course I passed a stream of blood. Being the avid golfer that I was I finished the next 2 holes and only then decided that I should be concerned about what had just transpired so I left my playing partners standing on the 9th tee and off to the emergency room. During my visit there I was advised to make an appointment with a Urologist and was provided a name. When I called for an appointment I was told that I could see the doctor in 3 months. Since that didn’t really work for me I asked about any other doctor in the group (not really how I phrased my request) and was in turn asked if I minded if the doctor was a woman. Considering that it had not occurred to me that gender played a role health care I quickly replied no and set up an appointment for the following day.

After a procedure that I would rather not think about, the doctors initial diagnosis was not cancer. After the test result came back that changed significantly, I had kidney cancer and treatment was not really an option. So after a New England Cruise in late September (we had already paid for the trip and the doctor wasn’t real happy about my waiting) I said goodbye to my right kidney.

Now about tomorrow. My prostate cancer was discovered after a PSA test came back above where it should be for someone my age. So my primary care physician ordered another and it also was high. Then I got to go back to the one that performed painful acts on my body for more of the same (on more than one occasion). The result was cancer that thankfully had not spread.

So tomorrow I start 28 days of radiation treatment, 5 days a week. I will have to miss a couple of days, one to get my second Covid vaccine and another to go back to see the one that causes pain (she is really a nice person).

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